Having a comfortable and livable outdoor space is possible by exploiting the balconies in the right way, furnishing them in the right way respecting functionality and aesthetics.

With the right ideas, beautifying a balcony becomes a smart way to spend free time, enjoy sunsets or summer evenings.

The home balcony is often only a closet for brooms and cleaning items or a place to hang out the laundry, but with very little money, the balcony can become an environment of the house to show and not only, a place to welcome guests. friends, or to carve out a well-deserved relaxation.

For example we can use plants to recreate a garden or vegetable garden, furnish it with sofas as if it were a living room, insert a table and chairs to transform it into an outdoor dining room, change the lighting, the color of the walls, insert cushions and rugs.

These are some of the things that allow us to make a balcony more beautiful and we don’t necessarily need big budgets, but there are different DIY solutions.

In addition to the traditional terracotta or plastic pots , where you can place tall and unwieldy plants, we can buy planters with a wooden grid .

Plants that require more soil and stability can be placed in the container pot.

On the grill, however, climbing plants will provide, in addition to being an exceptional form of embellishment, the right privacy, becoming a sort of booth .

Taking care of climbing plants over the months, observing their continuous growth, becomes a fun and relaxing hobby.