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We design your garden, pool, landscape and make your house look incredible.

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 With over a decade of experience, The Backyard Landscaping offers the following services:

Pool Designing

Pools are something absolutely everybody loves. People cannot refrain themselves from entering the pool, the moment they see one. Hence, pools are supposed to be designed in such a manner that people really find it difficult to take their eyes off of the pool spaces.

Landscape Construction

From constructing walls to the other stuff that requires mason, we will do that for you. Landscape construction is about constructing everything in the landscaping such as patios, walls, and all that you can find in a designed landscape.


Landscape Maintenance

Once you have done the landscaping at your location, what matters is the maintenance of it. During spring and fall, you will have to take care of the cleanups as well. Lawn mowing, edging, seeding, and thatching are some of the activities which need to be done regularly to make it look the way it should.


Commercial and Retail Landscaping

Our services are accessible for both private as well as commercial property. They both have to be designed differently since the commercial estate has a tremendous space. Procedures used in commercial land will be different from those applied in private property.

Why Choose Us?

The Backyard Landscaping Company is a renowned name in Queens, New York state. We are recognized as one of the best companies in New York City among peers, who provide such kind of services to the customers. Our crew is highly skilled and is the one you will cherish for the way it deals with its customers is amazingly nice.

We have a team of professionals who know how trends keep updating, and they design your homes that way. Our key motive is to make customers pleased, for which we do not mind getting beyond our comfort zone. 

We value our customers. It is one of the reasons that you will find us different from the rest in multiple ways. The way we are dedicated to our work reveals a lot about us. We have had an experience of over a decade, and the best part is that we still are a keen learner. We make sure we learn with every opportunity that is given to us.

We have a record of giving our best and are committed to perfection. Many of our clients have posted testimonials and feedback on our website, which you can go through.

Value for Money

Once you have got our services availed, you will realize it has a great value for money. Also, our customers who sign an agreement or create contracts for the entire seasons for landscape maintenance activities like spring and fall cleanups, edging, seeding, lawn mowing get a massive discount. Others who are new to our company will find the work, worth the cost.

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How to Reach Us?

Our company remains open seven days a the week. The timings are from 7:30 in the morning till 9 p.m. You can call us between these hours or even visit our official website and write to us there. When you have had a word with us, we will be at your doorstep to examine the area and do the essential, the very next working day.

Once you have started working with us, you will not need to bother yourself about anything. We are going to make the landscape designs for you. You can always share your ideas with us since it is your dream place. We would appreciate all kinds of feedback from you and involve your ideas for sure.

Still Confused?

You are going to get an astonishing experience when you look ahead to allowing us to serve you. We assure you great results since we use the material of the utmost quality. Are you still confused about getting the landscaping done by us? If you are, without a second thought, pick up your phone and give us a call and get the best landscaping done.